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Sinning in Beauty
 Our perception of beauty has come a long way and our obsession towards it will never cease. No matter how horrendous the method, women everywhere still look towards beauty as an essential to living a happy live. Sure, we all say that "beauty is only skin deep" or that one should not "judge a book by its cover". but who's to say that we didn't stare in pure lust towards those Hollywood actors and actress or the models on the cover of magazines of all sorts. Even in the political world where serious issues are discussed and managed, beauty takes its toll. For example, during the G20, the first ladies of the presidents and prime ministers were not only expected to dress appropriately (that is appropriate to fashion of the 21st century), but also were expected to dress fashionably if not trendy. Our leaders are expected to not only be our representatives but to also be in a competition for the best looking leaders. what happened to our interest only in the seriousness of the intense orations and debates that attempt to derive at solutions for issues in our society? those should matter more than what these leaders are wearing right? I mean, what is up with that?

But that's beside the point.


So why are young girls, by the tender age of 6 or 7, already carry purses and are even looking into brand name fashions as if their lives depended on it? or that many women of all ages and all sizes are not living healthy lifestyles because they want to be like Angelina Jolie or Megan Fox? or that in order to attract the opposite sex, comfort in one's own skin is arbitrary?

My speculation points it all to business and commerce.

You see, like many people, I have always thought that media was the central problem to all this hatred towards our own natural bodies. But a friend once told me that students who are in business or commerce are trained to hate people. Which strangely would result in a more successful...well...business. If that's the case then it certainly makes alot of sense to why the media promote such self-hate.

"Catch'em when they're young" this friend noted with certainty. Hearing this, I immediately felt disgusted. How would anybody do such a thing, not realizing while I think this, I am carrying, wearing the same things promoted by the media. Hypocrite anyone?

Of course there must be more, one can argue that such promotion of beauty is a promotion of confidence. True enough! Many times over I have seen women and men alike walk, talk, and smile with confidence in the skin that they believe to be as their own natural one. More and more, ads have geared towards the healthy glow than the artificial, but the unhealthy imagery such as bone-skinny still exists.

It's tough, while i do not condemn beauty that's been promoted by the media as one that is absolutely immoral, I do think that the portrayals of what beauty is have taken the wrong road down." feeling good about the lips you have" somehow becomes "feeling bad about the lips that you don't have". This embedded ideology of the perfect woman from Hollywood generates a horrendous amounts of jealousy from both sexes that makes the businessmen grin in delight.

No wonder envy is a sin.

inspiration from:

The Lengths We Go For Beauty by Tara Lewis

'Looksism' Goes Pop

A Touch

note: Thanks to those who has commented thus far, I have edited accordingly. But of course, as I have said before, this is still a work in process. but Thank you nonetheless and I look forward to further criticisms. =D


It wasn’t the first time she’s been to his place, but today, she felt like an outsider. His apartment spewed luxury. How he managed to obtain such a place was anyone’s guess.

He must have paid one of his minions to clean up his place for him
. She thought, cringing for the millionth time at his way of asking for help.

She remembers him telling her once upon a time in their high school years that a devil would never ask for help. Even though they have all moved onto university, she stuck by him. She never intended to go to Saikyoudai, in fact she never really intended to stay in Japan for that matter.

But Anezaki Mamori felt strangely at home when she was beside the devil, Hiruma Yoichi. Though she never approved of his ways of getting about, she found herself attached to him uncontrollably, as if he held an invisible leash around her neck. Just like that, she was stuck, in his devilish ways of doing things, in his mocking laugh, in his world. And after four years of working together as quarterback and manager, he was still the same. Hiruma Yoichi still carried around his beloved AK47s and other weapons wherever he went, he still kept that devil’s handbook of his, albeit increasing information; but what Mamori found the most interesting was Hiruma’s amazing commanding presence, to where at times she would stop and stare unashamed.

She was not in love with him. That much was a given, but her loud pounding heart may be telling her otherwise as she gazed in awe at his sweat covered toned upper body. Mamori gulped, her body froze in place, her eyes roamed his tight torso then catching his eyes, she blushed. The corner of his mouth moved up into a smirk.

“So, the fucking manager likes to peek.” Hiruma said pointedly. He leaned back on the edge of the dining table watching her every move.

Mamori felt her cheeks burn with anger. It wasn’t her fault that the moment she would open the door would be the moment he would slide his shirt over his head. She was here on his orders to help him edit plays and complete other managerial duties. How was she to know that after countless arguments about her obtaining a key to his apartment would result in her intrusion to a private matter such as changing clothes? Somehow the idea never occurred to her. And now she stands there madly blushing, embarrassment taking over her bit by bit.

“I…I…you told me to come at this time…and…and…” Mamori stuttered, having a hard time finding the right words to defend herself while Hiruma laughed heartedly, obviously amused by her reaction. But it wasn't enough, He wanted more. He was the devil after all. So he pushed himself from the dining table and approached her, with every step his laughter became more sinister.Mamori’s embarrassment escalated with every ke ke ke that came out of his mouth as he came closer and closer. She felt trapped and she needed to escaped.

In a flash, Mamori abruptly turns around ready to bolt for her life. But a hand reached out from behind her and shut the apartment door. To her disappointment, he was faster. So she stood still, unable to move. The smell of Hiruma wafted to her nose, the scent so enticing she felt her legs weaken as his body moved closer to hers from behind. His arm snaked around her waist and up towards her chin. Slowly, he tilted her head so her eyes directly met his. She wanted to cry out, to flail her arms about to distance herself away from the dangerous situation. But her body stood still while her mind raced. She closed her eyes and waited for the impact.

comments and criticisms welcome.
this is a work in process.


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*more to come

cowboy bebop

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*putting some animes i have up for download/saving it for myself for emergency cases XD

ryosaku doujinshi
just a short lil doujinshi that i did on ryosaku.


sigh, it seems that ryosaku fans have kinda gone dead....or they've moved on. oh where's all the fans?
anyways, emailing my cousin back in china is fun, he's pretty kool.

-ryosaku fanart-
here's a couple of ryosaku fanarts i did a while back.
just thought i'd share something...^.^
if ur gonna take any, plz let me know! give credit!


kiss~kaerimichi no love song

I love this song, lyrics,melody singers, everything...so sweet <3

Kiss ~Kaerimichi no Love Song~ - 03 - Marui Chikara.mp3

ok, so i got my report card back, triple eights! 88.8 not bad eh?  haha, im neither sad nor happy. my dad said 8 is a lucky number for the chinese (canto comunity) so i may be quite lucky!! we'll see.

damn thing
now i know how it feels to publish something under pressure, sux, but in the end everything pays off which is alrite rite?
see, i was suppose to do my lil one-shot manga a loonnngg time ago, and i still havent got it done, 2nd edit only! and the damn story is only 20 something pages long, which is a bit too long for a short one-shot, but hey first time finishing something. so im proud in a way.
currently trying to publish out our school's "scribble' which is full of poems and pictures by students from our school. some of those are really crazy! too many talented people, but too lil companies and bussiness things to discover them all. too bad. lol im blabbing about weird stuff.
anyways the lil magazine called scribble is officially done! it should be out sometime next week, we the scribble ppl will single handly hand them out to everyone in the school. kool!


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